Monday, May 19, 2014

Ladies Who Lunch: 2014 Pratt Institute Fashion Show!

Celebrating a 127 year history, the Pratt Institute is one of the oldest design schools in the the United States with a prestigious past and a present that is committed to staying at the forefront of modern design.

The Pratt Institute held its first Fashion Show in 1924 and continues the tradition each year, celebrating the future of fashion design with the works of its graduating class.

Not only celebrating the future of fashion design, the Pratt Institute also uses the occasion to honor the work of industry leaders.  At the 2014 Pratt Institute Fashion Show, the Fashion Visionary Award was presented to Byron Lars and the Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Stephen Burrows, both designers who have had a tremendous impact on the fashion industry.

So without further ado, we are proud to give you a glimpse of the 2014 Pratt Fashion Show and congratulate the award winners and the talented graduating class.

Video Photography by Mariana Leung

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