Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch: Shades of Gray Scarves by Sheila Gray!

Multi-tasking is nothing new to Sheila Gray, the Design Assistant, Public Relations Manager, Stylist, etc. for Byron Lars Beauty Mark.  So for a woman that wears so many hats, it is only fitting that she have scarves to go with them!

Sheila Gray has created her Shades of Gray scarf collection out of a passionate love for textiles and a burning desire to create couture items that were wearable on the street and accessible to everyone!

Each scarf is one of a kind and handmade with love out of the most luxurious European fabrics.  Sheila creates the scarves using a range of fabrics including cozy sweater knits, the finest brocade and plush faux fur.  Often times, she will combine multiple fabrics within the same scarf! Creating a tactile landscape with a sumptuous terrain all their own, each scarf bares a kind of other worldliness unto itself!

“We all need to wear a scarf in the winter, but we don’t need to look like one another while doing so...or go broke in the process of distinguishing ourselves from the crowd”, says Sheila Gray, creator of Shades of Gray.

A Shades of Gray scarf transcends the confines of any cold weather and ushers its way into a realm of sheer artistic expression!

And NOW you can get your unique Shades of Gray scarves on Etsy!  Follow this link for Shades of Gray to get yourself a special scarf!   And with the Holiday Season almost upon us, they also make awesome presents for your all of your loved ones!

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