Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch: 4 corners of a circle Fall 2013!

Since the launch of 4 corners of a circle in 2007, designer Natsuko Kanno has continued to develop her collection into what could best be described as modern western design merging with an eastern sensibility.

Ms. Kanno infuses her collections with her native Japanese heritage from philosophical and folklore inspired inspirations to fabrics not only obtained from Japan, but oftentimes created specifically for her collections.  In Ms. Kanno’s Fall 2013 collection, she developed a fabric that mixes traditional  Japanese Washi paper with cashmere for a fabric that is interesting and fresh.

4 corners of a circle Fall 2013 takes its inspiration from IKUSA, the Japanese word for war or battle.  But, the interpretation of battle takes the more philosophical route in Ms. Kanno’s collection.  Ms. Kanno explained that “in today’s world and with traditional and modern battles still raging, one must go out into the world and fight for the life they want and find their own way, to make this world a better place”.

The silhouettes for 4 corners of a circle Fall 2013 are also inspired by the battle theme, Ms. Kanno loosely basing them on traditional Samurai costumes.  This inspiration creates a silhouette that exudes strength and while it has a masculine edge, Ms. Kanno made it feminine with the use of soft fabrics and more ladylike pencil skirts and detailing.

Another beautiful collection for 4 corners of a circle Fall 2013, it is always a pleasure to see Ms. Kanno’s collections with their strong point of view and cultural references.

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