Monday, August 26, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch: Alisha Trimble Fall 2013!

A multi-faceted designer, Alisha Trimble has designed ready to wear lines with names like New Money, swimwear lines and worked as a stylist for both print and web media.  And if that were not already enough, she also designs lingerie.

Alisha Trimble uses her collections as a creative outlet, putting her interests into each and everyone.  And her interests are quite diverse from Kanye West and photographer Diane Arbus to playwright Tennessee Williams.  She even did a lingerie collection inspired by Tennessee Williams which she named Blanche DuMois.

For Fall 2013, Alisha Trimble has channeled her creativity once again into lingerie, this time with the modern theme of Computer Love.  A sexy and provocative collection, Computer Love is perfect for a romantic evening with a love interest or for a cozy curl up in front of the computer for some on-line dating the modern way!

One thing is certain, Alisha Trimble is a powerhouse of creativity and Computer Love her Fall 2013 Lingerie Collection proves that she is a designer to keep and eye on!

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