Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch: Shinso Skin Care!

Last September I was fortunate to be invited to the Sherri Hill showroom to interview her about the launch of her gorgeous ready-to-wear line.  When I went to the interview, they were in the middle of the campaign photoshoot featuring Miss China Luo Zilin and we also got to interview the phenomenal Yue-Sai Kan.

While we were setting up cameras and mics, I chatted with Mr. Nao Tsuruta and discovered that he had developed a line of products that rejuvenate the skin and lift it as well.  I am extremely skeptical of all of the “age defying” products on the market, so I just politely nodded and made small talk about the line.  But then he pulled out one of his products and demonstrated.  Using the Shinso Mist product, he misted one half of my cameraman’s face.  Within minutes, the skin on the side that had been misted almost instantly started to tighten up, pores became smaller and there was a visible lift, so much so that the side that had not been misted seemed to sag in comparison.  I was still skeptical, but intrigued.
Before & After
As I asked more questions about the Shinso skin care line, I found that the line is all natural, combining over 26 active ingredients including rare Japanese botanical extracts and herbs.  Shinso means “deeper layer” and the products actually reach the deepest layers of the skin to correct the health and function of the skin.  I was interested, but still politely skeptical. Mr. Tsuruta dug in his bag and handed me samples of all three of the products and insisted I test drive them for myself.

Like most guys, while I try to take good care of my skin, I don’t always stick to a routine, but I have been using the products for the last 7 months and I can honestly say that I can see an extreme noticeable difference in my skin.  The Shinso Essence is a powerhouse of nutrients for the skin that make it firmer and smoother, giving my skin a healthier overall appearance.  The Shinso Glow product exfoliates dead skin and lifts off grime and dirt that are unavoidable living in big cities, leaving my skin smooth, fresh and also preventing blemishes from occurring.  The third product, Shinso Mist, I use the most often.  I especially use Shinso Mist before I go to events, for an extra boost to tighten my skin and looking my best.  Using all three of the products produces a result that is almost like having a non-surgical face lift!  Also a winner for me is that all of the Shinso products are chemical, fragrance and paraben free they are non-animal tested.
Before & After
I have to say that after extended use of the products, this Doubting Thomas is now a believer.  So, discover why celebrities “in-the-know” are already using Shinso products and what they can do for you!!

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