Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ladies Who Lunch: THEIA Celebrates the Summer Solstice!

I was introduced for the first time to THEIA at the Fall 2011 shows last February.  I was extremely impressed with designer Don O’Neill’s line of elegant well crafted cocktail dresses and evening gowns.  Apparently I am not the only one impressed, as the line has become a favorite with stars like Taylor Swift and Emmy Rossum.  That Fall line put THEIA on my radar and I have been anticipating what would come next.  Could the line continue it’s momentum?
The answer is apparently “Yes”.  Inspired by the Summer Solstice, Don O’Neill’s Resort 2012 Collection for THEIA was presented on June 21st in New York.

The Summer Solstice is created by the Goddess THEIA’s son Helios.  According to legend, Helios takes his chariot on the longest ride of the year, riding to the highest point in the sky and blessing us with the longest day of the year.

Drawing on this inspiration, the THEIA Resort collection captures the golds of Helios’s palace and the blues of the sea that it lies beneath.  Mr. O’Neill shows that he is not afraid of color and that he knows how to use it, evoking ocean blues on sandy white beaches and the hibiscus reds and shades of orchid of tropical island flowers. And because an evening collection would not be complete with black, Mr. O’Neill was inspired by the dark black shadows cast by driftwood on white sand.

As in previous collections, Mr. O’Neill presents some stunning silk prints.  I was especially impressed with an abstract print that somehow captures the aquas of the ocean, the white of the sandy beaches, the lush green of tropical islands and the orchids of the flowers.  The THEIA collection also shows a masterful hand in its use of sequins and crystal beading, bringing the shimmer of the oceans and the sparkling brilliance of Helios’s light to life.

THEIA’s Resort 2012 Collection is beautiful and with Spring Collections showing in just a few months, it has most certainly whetted my appetite to see more!

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