Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ladies Who Lunch: SEW, A Needle Pulling Thread!

Having worked at Nina Ricci Haute Couture, you would think that I had been initiated into the world of custom clothing for myself long ago.  Somehow, there was a disconnect.  I will be the first to defend Haute Couture for it’s artistry and I can totally justify the cost based on materials and the hours of work that go into each garment.   However, making custom hand sewn garments for socialites and Arab Princesses that cost a King’s ransom never really made them feel accessible to me.  Then I went to Bangkok.
In Bangkok, I went to my first custom tailor and experienced my first round of made-to-measure clothing.  I must admit that I was sucked in and it opened me up to wanting to explore this world further.

One afternoon, I went to visit a friend in Nolita (North of Little Italy).  How could I have guessed that the run-down neighborhood we avoided on our way to Little Italy for cannolis or the San Gennaro Festival had gentrified and gotten a cute name as well?  I was awestruck by all of the great small designer boutiques and ended up wandering around all of the streets experiencing all that Nolita had to offer.  

And then I hit pay dirt!  I discovered a small boutique that is all about men’s custom tailored garments.  I ended up meeting the owner of SEW, Scott Evan Wasserberger, and fell in love with made-to-measure all over again.  Wasserberger, a third generation tailor, not only knows his craft inside out, but he also has an exquisite collection of fine fabrics to choose from. Luckily for you, I filmed my visit!  So sit back, relax and learn all about fine tailoring!  And then start thinking about paying SEW a visit and experiencing custom clothing for yourself!

Photos and Video by Ritika Wahal


  1. Excellent write up and professional video clip. It is indeed a pleasure to view and enlighten the desigining talent.

  2. Thanks Neelam!! Appreciate your comments and support!!

    Happy Holidays!!


  3. Fabulous video! Scott is cute as can be... makes me miss New York. Also so informative... I want to check this out Mdvani!

  4. Thanks nalinovi! Really is a great shop! He is also doing custom women's shirts as well now. Also, hang in there, cause I have an awesome boutique that I shot at in the East Village. Will be posting it soon as well as travels to India :)